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Dear Guides and Scouts, dear supporters of Neihaischen-Centre,

As "Comité Neihaischen", we recognize all kind of support, be it moral, financial or practical in favour of Neihaischen Guide and Scout-Center. This is the reason why we launched the "Friends of Neihaischen». The main financial ressource for the board of managment is provided by the renting income of the chalet and the camping ground. Even if the degree of utilisation is rather high, the maintenance fees don't stop rising. 

Therefore we are looking for additional income recognizing our volunteering commitment.

If you want to be a "Friend of Neihaischen", please send us the amount of at least 10 € to:

Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten A.s.b.l. Comité Neihaischen

CCPLLULL IBAN LU30 1111 0294 1322 0000

Reference: «Amis du Neihaischen»

On behalf of your paiment, you contribute actively in the support of the Chalet Nicolas Rollinger investment and maintenance program.

By supporting us, you will get a newsletter periodically. We thank you in advance for your help.

Best guide and scout greetings,

The board of Neihaischen-Comité

Hei de Video vun der 1.Mee-Feier 2021 um Neihaischen.

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