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The board of volunteering managers of the Guide & Scout training centre "Chalet Nicolas Rollinger Neihaischen" is devoted to keep the infrastructure well suited to scouting needs: the hosting of youth and young adults, after all guides and scouts, will remain the key issue  of the scout managers.

"Neihaischen" is a living place - even if the last First-of-May scouting fare is going back to 2006. The Service d’Assistance aux Formateurs bénévoles – a professionnal support service for Luxembourg Girl Guides and Boy Scouts volunteering leaders –  together with the Administration of Nature (the former Administration des Eaux et Forêts)  activate the site  throughout their educational programme. The infrastructure of the centre is managed by the Comitee Neihaischen who is a part of LGS ASBL, the legal estate owner.


The Comitee Neihaischen  is participationg every october in the national Rememberance ceremonies and is organizing the annual First-of-May celebration.


Everyone interested in managing tasks within the Comitee Neihaischen is heartly welcome to participate.

Annual Report of the Neihaischen Comitee

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2011/2012

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2010/2011

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2009/2010

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2008/2009

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2007/2008

Rapport Annuel Comité Neihaischen 2006/2007

Comité Neihaischen - Dag vum Bam 2012
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